SCOPE FOCUSwoensdag 16 mei 2018 Van de Valk hotel Maastricht

The Maastricht Day of Management is an annual recruitment event gathering around 200 international students and 12 companies operating in the fields of Information Management and Supply Chain Management. The goal of the MDM 2018 is to provide a professional platform where prestigious companies and high-potential students have the possibility to get in contact with each other in a formal as well as informal setting.

This year’s MDM will take place on 16 May at Van der Valk Hotel in Maastricht, which is known as a modern venue with a very pleasant atmosphere and delicious lunch buffet.

Participants can look forward to workshops, interviews, a company fair, networking drinks and dinners and much more. For students’ benefit, there will be a shuttle bus connection from SBE to the venue itself at various times of the day.

Maastricht Day of Management (MDM) topwerkgevers

De volgende topwerkgevers zijn ook aanwezig op de Maastricht Day of Management (MDM) van woensdag 16 mei 2018:

De Carrièrebus

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