Are you at least a MSc (WO) student? Your study covers Data Management and Analytics? Do you want to combine the writing of your master thesis with gaining practical and consulting experience or perhaps you just want to gain work experience within a corporate environment?

Then what are you waiting for to help us to become a DATA DRIVEN IT Organisation!

Your job

Background:As many organisations, ABN AMRO is on its own journey to become more and more data driven. Data Management and Analytics are topics that have gained a lot of attention throughout all layers of the organisation. In order to become truly data driven we need to evolve from a “PROCESS first” mindset to a “DATA first” way of thinking. Regarding Data and Analytics, our business line Innovation & Technology has to set the example for the rest of the bank! But what defines a data driven (IT) organisation and what is needed to become truly data driven?  Assignment:Explore the characteristics of data driven organisations and assess where the opportunities are for Innovation and Technology as a business line and the IT organisation in particular. Activities:

  • Literature review on characteristics of both data driven organisations and data driven IT organisations
  • Assessment of current and preferred situation within ABN AMRO IT
  • Whitepaper on how to become data driven in our IT organisation
  • Roadmap development of data management and analytics initiatives

Your working environment

 IT Office is a staff organisation to support the Chief Innovation & Technology of ABN AMRO. We do strategy development, strategy implementation, management consultancy, data management, BI, analytics and learning & development. The department of Performance & Analytics is continuously on the move to become a data driven IT organisation by focusing on data management, business intelligence and analytics.

Your profile

  • MSc (WO) student or graduate
  • Your study covers Information Management, Business Administration, Data Management and / or Analytics subject
  • IT understanding: you know how to explain the way how CI/CD enables DevOps teams and how agile development works
  • AI / Analytics knowledge: you know what Machine Learning or AI applications are and why data management is essential to turn data into value
  • Talent for organisational design: you know how to describe organisations either through experience in studying organisations or through practical experience within companies
  • Technology / Data savviness: a big pre in our team!
  • Problem solver: your analytical skills and creativity are well developed in order to come up with realistic interventions
  • Pro learner: if the above scares you, you are curious about gaining new knowledge and you are eager enough to make it yours
  • 110% player: willing to go beyond the expected
  • Easy going: since we like having drinks on Fridays

What we offer

Are you looking for an enriching internship in which you can learn and develop yourself? Do you want to work in one of the best work environments of The Netherlands? Then we invite you to come here and make history in our department, to leave your mark forged with hard work, commitment, and friendliness. At ABN AMRO we offer you the opportunity to develop yourself into the much-needed talent the world is waiting for! You will be working with the best professionals in the business and also with the latest technologies  in a creative, flexible, and cooperative environment. We offer you the possibility to stand and make a difference. The world of banking is changing rapidly and ABN AMRO Bank is changing with it. Therefore, we  invest in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Robotics, VR, apps & APIs, risk as a service, IT security, new business models and much more. Banking is not only about storing and transferring your money anymore, we go beyond banking. Come with us and together with our 6000 IT professionals let’s change the world of banking as it is! You don’t believe it? We invite you to experience it for yourself! 


Show us your interest to become a valuable member of the Performance & Analytics team by clicking to the" Apply" button! And don’t forget; a well thought and structured resume and cover/motivation letter can make you stand out from the crowd! How to do it?

  1. Put only relevant assignments in your resume and letter
  2. In your letter present yourself briefly and then tell us:
  • Why you are interested: This assignment and working at ABN AMRO in general
  • Subsequently, explain how you will be an added value to our team by highlighting your assignment related hard/soft skills and experience

 We are looking forward to get to know you, good luck! Any doubts, questions, or compliments for us? Just sent us an email to: it.internships@nl.abnamro.com.

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