Conntech stands for Connection Technologies, or connecting technology, objects, people and organizations. By this we mean, for example, designing, devising and prefabricating smart installation concepts and components.

Conntech offers a new approach to installation technology. A modular method that allows the client to build faster, reduce costs and is flexible in increasing and decreasing technical requirements within an object.

Examples of ConnTech's realized innovative ideas are the semi-autonomous beach houses at Cadzand that run on solar energy with little backup of the grid, and the super-fast "Tempy" temporary house concept that turns an empty classroom into a cozy one day. house transforms.

Current situation, developments and projects
When a retailer decides to open a new store or remodel an existing store, time is always the key. Change of the store means that the store must close. And closing the store means losing sales. So the sooner the store is open to the public, the better it is! 

ConnTech innovates to operate quickly and efficiently. They are therefore looking for the creative engineers who direct the innovation: by designing and rethinking the concepts of the installations to make building technical installations faster and more efficient. The strength of Conntech is that they operate on the edge of technological possibilities in combination with a prefabricated production unit that can actually produce the concepts that are invented. Conntech thus covers the entire Demming innovation process within its own company.


ConnTech is the inventor of smart prefab installation concepts. Innovation is the challenge. Solutions are being sought for the following challenges:

  • What will be the new role of the installation company's game changer in the transition from the installation of cable networks to the installation of wireless systems?
  • The development of a robot for drilling holes in ceilings.
  • Is it possible to produce prefabricated walls with fastening components and test them at the same time?
  • The development of Conntech's intelligent Energy Hub in energy independent districts or shops.

Type of engineer
To achieve this and to get answers to these questions, engineers need to connect the points, engineers who take the lead and deliver that result.

Education: WTB, Mechatronics, IT


Solliciteer voor Solution Engineer (WTB, Mechatronics, IT)

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