Are you ready to kick-start your career at ASML? Let us help you develop into a project lead. Our traineeships contain projects and assignments that will challenge you, coaches who will help you grow, and a personal development programme that is designed to transform you into a leader in technol...

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Become a Project Lead within ASML
ASML is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chip-making equipment. Their vision is to enable affordable microelectronics that improve the quality of life. To achieve this, their mission is to invent, develop, manufacture and service advanced technology for high-tech lithography, metrology and software solutions for the semiconductor industry.

To make sure that technological development doesn’t take its toll on project efficiency, ASML needs project leads that can bridge the gap between people, technological products and processes. ORMIT knows exactly what you need to be successful in doing so. We believe that to in order to be a successful project lead at ASML, you need to see the bigger picture.

You need to experience different technological environments and develop your soft skills just as well as your hard skills. Our traineeships contain projects and assignments that will challenge you, coaches who will help you grow, and a personal development programme that is designed to transform you into a leader in technology within ASML

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Project Flow
As a project lead within ASML you will be assigned to different projects over a two year period. As your Traineeship progresses, projects will become more complex and challenging in scope, technical complexity and stakeholders. The combination of learning by doing, an intensive curriculum and personal guidance and coaching by your ORMIT Coach and fellow ORMIT trainees will make sure that you are able to cope with great responsibility and will accelerate your learning curve into the project lead role. We provide projects in various ASML business areas, the definite projects will be matched to your professional/educational background and ambition. But we decide a business area before you start the Traineeship.

- Environmental Control & Infrastructure
The department of Environmental Control & Infrastructure (EC&I) is part of the hardware cluster within the development and engineering sector of ASML. The task of this department is to develop, deliver, integrate and qualify functional modules & parts of ASML's lithography tools related to temperature control and gas conditioning. Technology areas are: gas-, vacuum- and water-flow control, architecture and design, temperature control.

- DUV (Twinscan) Factory
The TwinScan Factory (TF) is responsible for the production of the ASML DUV machines. The complete production process from build until install takes place within this sector. The department TF Install Operations is a part of the TF Factory and is responsible for the installation of these advanced systems in accordance with strict quality norms and customer needs.

What exactly is the ORMIT development programme?
ORMIT has been perfecting its development programme since 1994. Our formula for developing personal leadership qualities in talented individuals has proved successful time and again! We will accelerate your personal growth within ASML by combining the following elements:

  • For a two-year period, you will be assigned to projects of ever greater complexity and challenge (growth in responsibility, impact, complexity, stakeholders);
  • ou will participate in an intensive two-year training programme focused on your leadership qualities and on innovative process and improvement management;
  • ou will be assigned a personal Talent Development Manager to provide you feedback on your development;
  • ntervision meetings are conducted designed to stimulate knowledge exchange and learning among fellow trainees. This means feedback that cuts to the chase, honest observations and enduring friendships;
  • The ORMIT Experience: Being employed at a Great Place To Work with enthusiastic colleagues in a culture characterised by pride, pleasure and trust!

What follows after the Traineeship?
After the ORMIT & ASML Traineeship you will be employed by ASML in the role of project lead. A role which usually takes years to obtain. You will be a self-conscious management professional, bridging the gap between people, business and technology. Something we like to call: a Leader in Technology.

The successful candidate will have

  • A technical or business-oriented degree
  • Academic-level skills
  • 0 to 2 years’ professional experience
  • Cultural awareness and a willingness to travel
  • A strong affinity with technology and improvement processes
  • Completed relevant extracurricular activities in addition to their degree programme
  • Good command of English
  • Can-do mentality that allows them to convert ideas into results

Personality profile
You thrive and perform well in a dynamic environment and relish the idea of using your fresh perspective to boost the professional development drive at ASML. You love improving processes and derive great satisfaction from bridging gaps between people and connecting everyone around you to what is really important. You are determined to master the complex matter associated with ASML quickly and have the social skills you need to communicate effectively with people from all layers of the organisation. You bring stakeholders together and your door is always open to them, making you an ambassador of change who knows how to achieve concrete and sustainable results.

Do you have what it takes?
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