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Send us your CV and have it checked free of charge and without obligation. We also give tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Make the difference with an effective CV

Don't you have any idea how to write a good resume? Or are you convinced that your CV is already perfect? We visit all universities and colleges over 65 times a year to help students optimize their CVs. Experience shows that in all cases we still have tips to make their CVs even better (read; more effective) 😉.

Have you used a template? Keep in mind that many templates are not developed in the Netherlands and the standards and preferences may vary per country. Does a CV necessarily have to consist of one page? Is your CV complete? Does it optimally represent your profile and wishes? Is a photo on the resume recommended? How effective is your CV for the purpose you want it to be?

Many tips and advice you receive or read on the internet are relatively standard. It forms a nice basis for your CV, but be aware that it can also reflect what you do not want to be; standard. Your personality, background and wishes are not standard either. And that is why your resume should be distinctive rather than standard. For example, by making the points that make your profile attractive (your unique selling points) stand out. Every detail on a single A4 page can make all the difference to you when applying for a job.

That is why we are happy to help you with specific tips based on your unique situation and wishes. So that your CV perfectly matches your profile and goals so you have not studied and worked so hard all these years for nothing.

LinkedIn profile check

How can you make optimal use of LinkedIn while applying for a job? Is your profile complete and does it look professional? What should you pay attention to? We are happy to give you tips on how to optimize your profile. Request a LinkedIn profile check and send us the url of your LinkedIn profile. We can only check your LinkedIn profile if you have a public profile.