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Experienced labour market specialists will help you with tailored advice based on your specific background and wishes.

Take the right steps. Be happy at work.

Our mission is to optimize the job satisfaction of young professionals. By using our extensive experience and broad knowledge of the job market and to help them to find suitable career opportunities and employers.

Do you fit in with the companies in your top 5 list? Do you have such a list at all or do you have no idea what your possibilities are? And what opportunities match your studies or which functions or sectors do fit? And if you already prefer a certain sector, from which employers can you choose then? What is overall the best choice in your case?

Usually the best choice is for the job and the employer that suits you best. But that is certainly not an easy choice. Many young professionals do have an idea of what they want or don't want. However, it is often difficult to translate those wishes into the right job or employer.

With our experience and knowledge of the job market, we help you to make better career choices and achieve your goals with the right approach and knowledge of your opportunities. We are not a recruitment agency that manages your application process, we just help you with tailored advice that you can then work with yourself. Supported by colleges, universities and employers who, like us, find it important that you can make the right choices yourself with sufficient knowledge of your options.