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We help you free of charge and without obligation in orienting yourself on an internship, part-time job or finding the right job & employer. We are not a recruitment agency and can therefore provide you with independent advice about options that really suit you. Made possible by our sponsors, educational institutions and employers who, just like us, find it important that you start in the right job, with your ideal employer. For example, we help with:

  • Advice about job opportunities
  • Advice about suitable employers
  • Advice about internship opportunities
  • Advice about study-relevant side jobs
  • Advice about traineeship opportunities
  • Thorough custom CV check
  • Career Advice consultation
  • Online Q&A

We only use your data for the above services and will never share it with third parties without your permission.

What others say

Zoë Bosschaart

Bachelor Creative Technology

“ Had a career advice meeting with De Carrièrebus during the Bedrijvendagen Twente. They pointed me to a traineeship at Calco, which turned out to be the perfect match! So had a very pleasant experience!

Board | STAR Management Week

Erasmus University

“ The Career Bus is a phenomenon that the students of the Rotterdam School of Management look forward to every year. The unique combination of sincere, professional and customized advice makes it a valuable activity to start your career with! Furthermore, the organization of the Carrierebus has proven its flexibility by organizing another successful event in a digital environment this year. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to orient themselves on the complex labor market.

Elles van Geest

MSc Organisational Change & Consulting

“ The Career Bus has ensured that I have found my match with a company and that I immediately move on to a Management Traineeship after graduation! Twice during my studies I had a personal conversation with the Career Bus and got a lot out of it. They ask the right questions and come up with appropriate suggestions. The focus is not only on your CV, but they also really look at the person themselves. Very clever how they do this in a short conversation!

Rogier Schipper

MSc Marketing Management

“ Enormously helped by De Carrièrebus. First followed a training at the Recruitment Days Groningen, which resulted in an interview in Amsterdam. Helped with a CV check and a personal consultation about the next steps in the labor market.

Amber Kegel

Master Policy in Health & Life sciences

“ The Career Bus approached me at a time when I was looking for what I wanted. Günay from De Carrièrebus knew who I am and what would suit me in no time. With this she broadened my horizon and increased my self-confidence to take actual steps. Since our first meeting, Günay has always been willing to lend a listening ear and to spar with us. She can empower others while remaining honest and sincere. Thank you for these precious moments!

Bas Henckens

Master International Business Maastricht

“ During the career event, workshops for Dutch and international students were organized by various multinationals from the financial and banking sector. One of the highlights of the day was the career advice De Carrièrebus gave to long queues of Master's students. Very valuable advice and good insights from inspiring and sincere entrepreneurs!

Kay van Zonderen

Corporate Finance @ Achmea

“ During my board year I organized some events where I collaborated with De Carrièrebus. Time and time again, I was amazed by their professionalism and enthusiasm. From the beginning of the morning until the end of the afternoon they were equally helpful and took the time to help everyone as best as possible. I know several students who have benefited enormously from their expertise and helpfulness and I myself belong to that group.

Yoshi Zwaan

Master Strategic Management

“ Through a personal conversation (during the Tilburg Career Days) I critically discussed my CV and improved it to better reflect my background and ambitions. This certainly helped me in my first contact with various companies and a conversation with De Carrièrebus is therefore definitely recommended!

Alexander van ’t Hof

MSc Organizational Change & Consulting

“ The Career Bus creates a trusted conversation where you can speak openly. She then knows how to quickly assess the situation and give faultless (constructive) criticism. They have a genuine interest and are honest and refreshing at the same time. The feedback on changes made and ideas later remains fast and personal. The sincere and very knowledgeable advice is definitely recommended.