Our API handles enormous amounts of data. The way we ensure this data is secured for users is through authentication. Our platform uses OAuth 1.0 for authentication and OAuth 2.0 Bearer Token to enable to make API Requests, on behalf of a user/organization account.

How to get access to the API

Step 1: Apply and receive approval for a API account

To make any request to our API, you must first apply for a API business account, and have your use case approved. Once approved, we will provide you a set of credentials that you need use to authenticate before making any requests to the API.

Step 2: Save your credentials and keep them secure

You will be provided a set of Keys (ClientId and a ClientSecret). This enables you to make requests on behalf of your business account, and a Bearer Token that can be used to authenticate endpoints that require OAuth 2.0 Bearer Token. As these keys do not expire unless regenerated, we suggest creating environment variables, or using a secure password manager. The generated Bearer Token is only valid for short time and becomes invalid after that time. If this happens, you need to re-authorize again. When you're authorizing, the API includes the expiration datetime of the Bearer Token.

Step 3: Connect and Authenticate to the endpoint

All API access is over HTTPS, and accessed from:


All data is sent and received as JSON

How to receive a Bearer Token

Use this endpoint to retrieve a Bearer Token to able to make requests to the endpoints.

POST /jobs/authenticate

The generated Bearer Token is only valid for short time and becomes invalid after that time


Name Type In Description
Content-Type string header


ClientId string body

Your Unique ClientId.

ClientSecret string body

Your Unique ClientKey

Default response

Status: 200 OK
    "user": "--your-business-name--",
    "token": "-- your Bearer token-",
    "validTill": "2020-08-25T22:28:25.8629837+00:00"