Learn how to resolve the most common problems people encounter in the REST API.

If you're encountering some oddities in the API, here's a list of resolutions to some of the problems you may be experiencing.

List of resolutions


Why am I getting a 401 error?

Typically, we send a 401 error when our API cannot or will not process the request due to something that is perceived to be a client error (e.g., malformed request syntax, invalid request message framing, or deceptive request routing).

Make sure that your client and request-message has been setup correctly.
When the setup is correct, but your credentials isn't, the API returns a 400 error instead.

Why am I getting a 400 Bad Request?

400 Bad Request error indicates that your credentials are not correct. Ensure you're authenticating correctly and you're sending both your ClientId and ClientSecret inside the body. We recommand you to test your API-call with Postman, to validate your request. If the problem stll occurs, please contact us. 

Default Response
    "message": "ClientId or Secret is incorrect"

How long does my clientId and -Secret credentials last?

ClientId and ClientSecret are not explicitly expired. The access will be invalidated if our organisation suspends your account from the API. In most cases we'll notify you if your access has been suspended.

How long does my Bearer-token last?

Your access token is only valid for short time and becomes invalid after that time. If this happens, you need to re-authorize again.
When you're authorizing, the API includes the expiration datetime of the access token.

    "token": "--granted-access-token--",
    "validTill": "2020-08-22T19:06:58.4049696+00:00"

API Calls

Why am I getting a 401 Unauthorized error?

The HTTP 401 Unauthorized client error status response code indicates that the request has not been applied because it lacks valid authentication credentials for the target resource.
Ensure your bearer-token is included in your header when you make a request/post to the API. In case the API is still returning 401 eror, it may indicate that the token may be expired and you need to re-authorize again 

Why am I getting a 404 Not found response?

When the API returns a 404 Not found error, it usually indicates that the reference you're passing cannot be found within the data we have for your organisation.
If you have posted a new job-posting with the reference you are seeking, it means that the data is still inside the queue and still needs to be verified and approved by one of our employees.
When your job-post is still in the queue, you are still able to submit changes for that particular job item.

Why am I getting a 400 Bad Request?

400 Bad Request error indicates that your message is not valid. The API will always return a json response message when a 400 error occurs. This helps you to indicate the problem(s) of the error. 

Sample Body Response on a 400 error
    "type": "",
    "title": "One or more validation errors occurred.",
    "status": 400,
    "traceId": "|4f95f991-47b8474e697bd575.",
    "errors": {
        "Reference": [
            "The Reference field is required."
        "Description": [
            "The Description field is required."
        "JobFunction": [
            "The JobFunction field is required."

Why am I getting a 409 Conflict response?

Conflicts are most likely to occur in response to a POST request which cannot handled properly. For example, you may get a 409 response when you are trying to post a value for a certain field, but where the type of value does not match the expected type resulting in a conflict.